Great Results

People often jump in when having cabinets made up.

To get a great result though, there are a few commonsense tips that will help:

  • Firstly, listen to recommendations: When a joinery is recommended by an architect, builder or close friend, they are likely to be good quality.
  • When you speak to the joinery, ask to see other jobs they have done or speak to recent clients: Remember that it is not always about the price. Peace of mind knowing your job will get the utmost attention and follow up, and a great quality product are more important than price.
  • Remember that bigger is not always better: The larger joineries cater for bulk production and require economies of scale to run. If you are after a great, custom product produced with careful attention to detail, then a large mass market joinery may not be for you.
  • When you speak to a joinery, listen to their ideas: The better ones have designed many custom projects and know a lot of hints and tips. Joineries that go beyond your specifications and make suggestions to get you a better result show that they care about you, and not about simply signing up the sale. Things that they may suggest include: how much storage space to allow for (you can never have enough); where to place shelves for easy access and maximum usability; best fixtures to ease opening, closing, sliding in or out; and, planning the space for efficient use, for example, for kitchen areas, designing separate spaces for food preparation, cooking and cleaning.

But in the end it should be a combination of factors that influence your decision:

  • design
  • function
  • quality
  • price

At Newton Joinery Works we get a lot of repeat business from both our residential and commercial clients.

That tells us one thing: We get the balance consistently right!

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